Our lawyers use a heightened understanding of an individual’s circumstances – the reasons that make criminal defence necessary – to find solutions that allow people to return to their lives. This understanding forms the basis on which we’ve built our specialized team of lawyers in Toronto.

It can be difficult to find a criminal defence law firm in Toronto who has both the experience with high-profile cases at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and who still support the individual with their criminal defence. But at Maple Crown Law Group we do both and we excel in doing so.

The Maple Crown Law Group Team

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    Micah L. Lucas

    Senior Partner

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    Leo L. Cesar


Maple Crown Law Group’s criminal defence lawyers understand the diverse nature of the law and are committed to finding individual solutions for people charged with a criminal offence. Our team of lawyers have experience and we care deeply about delivering guidance and solutions no matter the size and scope of an individual’s problems with the law. Our law firm has developed the ability to create meaningful relationships with people across the province of Ontario, understanding the complicated situations they’ve become involved in and the implications the law may have on their lives.

Practicing criminal defence law in Toronto for over 35 years has allowed Maple Crown Law Group to recruit highly competent and well regarded lawyers who understand current interpretations of the law and how these interpretations affect people accused of a crime.

Our law firm takes cases involving all types of offences and offenders, from minor matters to high profile trials and appeals. In short: no case is too big or too small for Maple Crown Law Group’s versatile criminal defence lawyers.

The Maple Crown Law Group Process


We meet & answer questions regarding the charges against you.

Teskey Process

We research your case & decide which of our lawyers is best suited to help you.

Teskey Process

We apply knowledge & experience to supporting you throughout your defence.

Let Maple Crown Law Group answer your questions.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence or want to help someone who has, then our experienced, passionate lawyers in Toronto are here to defend your rights and ensure that you fully understand the implications of the law.

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