Kathryn A. Quinlan

| Barrister, Associate

Kathryn has been with Royal & Company since completing law school in 2009. She has practiced exclusively criminal defence with the firm from the time she finished her Articles with Peter Royal, Q.C. until the present.

Before moving to Alberta to attend the University of Alberta Law School, Kathryn received an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Huron College at the University of Western Ontario.

After completing law school, Kathryn knew that a criminal law practice was the best way to use her practical knowledge and life experience to make a difference in people’s lives. The value Royal  & Company places on continuing education and development of client relations is an element of criminal law that Kathryn believes strongly in – and has been fundamental in making her the lawyer she is today.

Criminal law has been an interest of Kathryn’s for many years and she’s continually fascinated with every area of criminal investigation. She continues to pursue new and more complicated areas of practice. Having now had over seven years of experience with Royal & Company she is confident in dealing with matters at all levels of Court ranging in complexity from simple assault to murder.

"If you need a lawyer who is willing to fight for you, to go the extra mile in ensuring not only that you get the best defence but also that you are comfortable and confident as you navigate the criminal justice system, I will be there to assist you."

- Kathryn A. Quinlan

Kathryn continues her legal education by frequently attending seminars and lectures. She is also a member of the CTLA Executive.

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