The Zealous Advocate in Sexual Assault Cases

As part of Royal & Company’s continuing commitment to ensuring our lawyers are up to date on developments in the law and the changing nature of advocacy, members of the office frequently attend seminars and conferences on a variety of topics. Kathryn Quinlan recently attended “Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault & Child Victim Cases” put on by the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers.

This two-day conference focused on issues that arise particularly in cases of sexual assault and child sexual assault (or as it’s called in section 151 of the Criminal Code, sexual interference). Some of the topics reviewed included: challenging DNA evidence; cross-examining children; the effect of alcohol, blackouts, and sleep disorders on memory; and how to persuade juries of your point of view.

Sexual assault trials can be some of the most difficult to defend, particularly in recent years with social and political attitudes surrounding sexual violence leaning more towards a presumption of guilt than the presumption of innocence. Combating these attitudes requires a lawyer that can capably and zealously defend individuals charged with these types of offences. Such advocacy is not popular, as is evidenced by the backlash that Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer recently received while touring some university campuses; but it is fundamental to protecting the presumption of innocence of all offences charged.

The lawyers at Royal & Company believe strongly in the right of representation of all people charged with all kinds of offences. They will work with you to determine the best course of action and ensure that you are properly defended at all stages of the criminal process. If you are in need of a zealous advocate to assist you, contact one of our lawyers today.